A bond is a promise to the court that a person charged with a crime will appear for their future court dates and remain within the jurisdiction of the court. There are two types of bail bonds used for this purpose:

  • A cash bond is the total amount of the bond paid in cash
  • A surety bond is guaranteed by a bond agency and usually secured by a person's real property or collateral of some kind along with a percentage paid in cash.

Cash Bond Discharge Instructions

Bond money will be refunded after the final disposition of the case or by order of the Judge.

All unpaid court fees, courts costs, and criminal penalties (for all cases associated to the defendant) will be deducted prior to any bond refund pursuant to Florida Statute 903.286.

Refund Checks

Refund checks will be mailed to the depositor or assignee after all applicable fees have been deducted.

If the bond depositor needs to change the address that a bond will be mailed back to, an address Change form will need to be completed. This form can be obtained at the Citrus County Clerk of Courts and Comptroller's office.