Filing a Complaint & Issuance of Summons

Filing the Complaint with the Courts

A landlord applying for removal of a tenant must file a Complaint describing the dwelling unit and stating the facts authorizing recovery. The landlord may also request judgment for the amount of rent owed. The original Complaint, any supporting documents (lease, etc.) ,and sufficient copies per tenant must be filed with the Clerk and Comptroller. One additional copy of the Complaint with supporting documents and pre-stamped envelope must be provided, if service by posting is anticipated or becomes necessary.

Before a hearing can be set or a default pursued, the Proof of Service must be returned to the Clerk and Comptroller's office for filing, to determine whether the summons was served.

Issuance of Summons

Upon filing the Complaint and paying the fee, the Clerk and Comptroller will issue a Summons for Tenant Eviction. A copy of the Complaint (to be supplied by the landlord) will be attached for service on the tenant. The summons must be served by a certified process server. A list of certified process servers can be found through our website.