Jury Information

  1. 08/19/2019 - Jury Pool #390

    If you were summoned for Jury Pool #390 scheduled for Monday, August 19th, your service is still required. If your juror ID number is 250-300, you are excused from reporting to jury duty. Read on...
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Juror Selection

The right to a trial by jury is one of the principles guaranteed by the United States Constitution. It is the duty of every citizen to serve as a juror when called to do so. Prospective jurors are randomly selected from the Florida Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle's list of driver's license and identification card holders residing in Citrus County. Jurors must be U.S. citizens at least 18 years of age, legal residents of Citrus County, and possess a driver's license or identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The Clerk and Comptroller will add the name of any person who is 18 years of age or older and who is a citizen of the United States and a legal resident of Florida and who indicates a desire to serve as a juror, but whose name does not appear on the Florida Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle's list, by requiring such person to execute an affidavit at the office of the clerk.

Download the Jury List Affidavit (PDF)

When to Report

We will provide updates for reporting to jury duty on our homepage in the Clerk Connection "Jury Announcements" section. You will also find updates on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/CitrusCountyClerk.  You may also call (352) 341-6471 any time after 5pm on the Friday prior to your appearance date. A recorded message will tell you whether to report. If there is no message or the telephone line is not in operation and you have confirmed that the courthouse is open, please report as directed on the summons. You can also check for reporting information on our website and Facebook page. 

You will not be released from jury duty until:

  • you have served as a juror on a trial; or 
  • you have appeared for service and were not selected as a juror; or 
  • you have been notified by the automated phone system that your service is not needed.

You may be on telephone standby for up to one week from your original summons date.

If you fail to appear as directed, you may be fined $100, be found in contempt of court and be ordered to appear for service.

Jury Excusal

Please detach and mail the postcard from your jury summons to request an excusal. You may choose not to serve if:

  • You are 70 or older
  • You are an expectant mother
  • You are a full-time law enforcement officer with arresting powers
  • You are a parent not working full time with custody of a child under six (6) years old
  • You are responsible for the care of a person who is medically or mentally incapacitated and is incapable of caring for himself/herself (with proper documentation)
  • You were summoned and reported for jury service in Citrus County within one (1) year of the date for which summoned

You may not serve if:

  • You are currently under criminal prosecution
  • You are not a citizen of the United States
  • You are not a legal resident of Citrus County
  • You were convicted of a felony and civil rights have not been restored

For additional jury related information, click on the link below to view the Handbook for Jurors pamphlet.