Benefits of an Injunction

What will an Injunction for Protection (also known as a restraining order) do for you? It will legally prevent an alleged abuser (the respondent) from committing any further acts of violence to you or from threatening you, or stalking you. Depending on the situation, an injunction may:
  • Restrain the respondent from going to, in or within 500 feet of petitioner's residence, place of employment, place of school, or places you and your family frequent
  • Provide no contact between the parties, in any manner
  • Require the respondent to attend counseling, treatment or a batterer's intervention program
  • Require the respondent not to possess a firearm or to surrender any firearms to law enforcement

How Long Will the Process Take?

The court will review your petition and you will receive an answer that day (granting, denying, and/or setting your case for hearing).

Additional Resources

Citrus County Abuse Shelter Association (CASA) 352-344-8111 or 800-500-1119
Fax: 352-344-0548

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV)

Florida Domestic Violence Hotline

The Florida Domestic Violence Hotline is a free, 24-hour crisis intervention and resource line for domestic violence survivors, friends and family of survivors and community partners. Advocates connect callers with their local certified center, provide immediate crisis support, safety plan with survivors, and provide information about domestic violence to friends and family of survivors of domestic violence. Contact them at at 800-500-1119.