Payment Plan

(instructions are below)

Once you complete your online application, your agreement will auto generate and you will be provided directions to make your first payment.  To activate your payment plan, you must pay the MINIMUM amount due shown in red.

For those wishing to reinstate your driver’s license, the fee for the clearance form will be included in your first payment. 

See more detailed instructions below- 

If any of the following are true, you are not eligible to establish a payment plan online. Please contact us at 352-341-6424 Option 8 for more information.

  •  You have a court order to pay within a certain timeline
  • You want to select the school election on your traffic citation
  • You have a future court date scheduled

Florida Statute 28.246(4) gives the Citrus County Clerk of Court the authority to offer payment plans which allows for partial payments of traffic citations and court related fines until paid in full.  The plan will exclude any court ordered restitution, as this will need to be paid separately.  There is an administrative fee of $25.00 to set up a payment plan pursuant to F.S. 28.24(26). 

You can search by your case number or by your name. Once you have accessed your case, scroll to the financial section and select Payment Plan Application. 

Onlinepayment plan image

Failure to make timely payments pursuant to the payment plan: 

  • Will result in the assessment of late fees and the suspension of your driver’s license pursuant to Florida Statutes 318.15; and
  • May result in your case being sent to a collection agency and assessed up to 15% in additional fees pursuant to Florida Statute 28.246(6).

If you have multiple criminal or traffic cases with fines due, you will need to submit a separate application for each case you are requesting a payment plan.  Please complete all steps throughout the payment plan application process. An electronically signed agreement for each case will need to be completed.  A Court Compliance Team member will be combining your applications into one monthly payment and then contact you via email regarding next steps.

If you are unable to access your case through SCORSS to start the application process, or you do not have internet access, you can still fill out a personal data form and return the application to our office. Please note that if you have an issue that is time sensitive, you may need to visit our office for faster service.

Setup Automatic Payments Online

To set up reoccurring payments from, after selecting a case in your payment plan.

On the top of the screen under the current payment plan section, you will see:

Select the Click here to set up automatic payments for your payment plan(s)

Simply click and follow the instructions, you will be registering to set up a user account with your email address. Once you select your username and password, you will be directed to manage the account. Click on the Manage button to advance to the Add autopay button and enter your card information.

This screen also allows you to see when the next payment is due or the history of your payments.

If you have trouble, there is a help button to call or email CitePayUSA.

If you are having difficulties using our online process

Fill out the Personal Data Form for Payment Plan Agreement (PDF) and submit to . We will contact you via email within 48 business hours to let you know if your case is eligible for a payment plan and to help you through the process.