Proof of US Citizenship


Proof of U.S. Citizenship can be one of the documents listed below:

  • Previously issued passport
  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate. The Birth record must be certified with the registrar's signature and raised, impressed, embossed, or multicolored seal, and contain the date filed. The date filed must also be within one year after the date of birth. A delayed Birth Certificate is acceptable provided it shows a plausible basis for creating the record. The Birth Certificate must show parent(s) name(s).  A copy of the Birth Certificate can be received within 48 hours by calling the VitalChek network at 800-255-2414, or visiting their website.
  • If a Birth certificate cannot be obtained a notice from the state registrar stating that no birth record exist, accompanied by the best secondary evidence possible may be acceptable.  A U.S. Department of State Birth Affidavit (DS-10) should accompany at least one of the secondary evidence documents.
  • Secondary evidence may include:
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Early Census Records
    • Family Bible Records
    • Hospital Birth Record
    • Newspaper Files
    • School Records

A personal knowledge affidavit should accompany at least one of the secondary evidence documents.

Born Abroad

If a person was born abroad the following documents may be used:

  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certification of Birth (Form FS 545 or DS-1350)
  • Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the USA (Form FS-240)