US Passport Book & Card

NOTE: All applicants must appear in person for a passport, including minors.

If applying for a U.S. Passport Book AND Passport Card:

For a First Time Passport Book Application you will need: 

  1. Completed application form (DS-11) completed in black ink

    The DS-11 form can be obtained from the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller's office or by accessing the following website: 
  2. Passport Fees
    • Please visit the Department of State's fee schedule page for fee information.
    • You will need a check or money order to U.S. Department of State, and
    • $35 cash, debit/credit card, check or money order payable to the Clerk of the Court
  3. Execution (Acceptance) Fees
    • $35.00 Execution (Acceptance) fee
    • Optional:
      • Passport photography service $15.00
      • Copy services for photocopies of your personal Identification: $1.06 per page
      • Copy services for photocopies of your proof of citizenship: $1.06 per page 
    • Execution (Acceptance) fees may be paid in the form of cash, credit card*, check, money order, or cashier check made payable to Angela Vick, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller.  

      *A service fee is assessed by our vendor for credit card services.
  4. Proof of U.S. Citizenship
    • Certified Copy of your United States Birth Certificate
      • Applicants can submit a certified birth certificate issued under the seal (or other authentication) of the official custodian of birth records. A certified birth certificate is only acceptable as evidence of U.S. citizenship if it shows all of the following:
        • Name: the full (including given) name of the applicant 
        • DPOB: the applicant’s date and place of birth 
        • File Date: date the certificate was filed in the registrar’s office (within one year of birth) 
        • Signature: the signature of the registrar or custodian of birth records 
        • Seal: raised, embossed, or multi-colored authorized seal of the issuing registrar’s office 
        • Parents: the full name(s) of the parent(s) of the bearer are required for all applicants, regardless of age 
    • Previous U.S. Passport
    • Original foreign birth certificate translated into English
    • Original United States Naturalization certificate
  5. One Passport Photo
    • Passport photography services are offered by the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller for the customer's convenience. Photos are standard passport size (2 x 2), full color, and meet all the guidelines and requirements of the U.S. Department of State for acceptance of passports. 
    • The Clerk is proud to offer free Passport photos for all Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel.
    • Passport photos are also available at most Walgreens, CVS Stores, and Photography Studios. Be sure to ask if they are passport quality photographs.
  6. Form of Personal Identification
    • The following documents are generally acceptable if they readily identify the customer:
      • Driver’s license (not temporary nor learner’s permit)
      • Certificate of Naturalization with identifiable photo attached 
      • Certificate of Citizenship with identifiable photo attached 
      • Government employee identification card (Federal, State, municipal) 
      • Previously issued Passport Book or Passport Card 
      • Official military identification card
    • A photocopy of the valid form of identification (ID), showing the front and back of the ID and provided on plain white 8 1/2 x 11" paper must be sent in with the passport application(s). Upon request, the Clerk and Comptroller's office can provide the customer a copy of the ID for a $1.06 service fee.
  7. A photocopy of the Proof of Citizenship on plain white 8 1/2 x 11" paper must be sent in with the passport application(s). Upon request, the Clerk and Comptroller's office can provide the customer a copy of the Proof of Citizenship for a $1.06 service fee.

Note: If you apply at an acceptance facility and submit out-of-state primary identification, you must also present an additional ID document. For example, if you apply for a passport in FL with a NY state driver's license, you must present additional identification, which may consist of a Social Security card, credit card, or employee ID.