Collecting on a Judgement

After Judgment

After the Court has awarded a judgment against the defendant, the following may be necessary to collect the money if the defendant does not voluntarily pay the judgment.

Record a Certified Copy of the Final Judgment

A recorded judgment gives you a lien or interest in any land or real property the defendant may own in the county where the judgment is recorded. Certified copies are available from the Clerks office for $1 per page of the judgment and $2 for each certification. The recording fee is $10. The recorded judgment shall be a lien as provided by Florida Statute 55.10.

Order to Show Cause

When 45 days have elapsed from the signing of the Final Judgment and the Fact Information Sheet has not been received by you or the Clerk's office, you may file an Order to Show Cause. This Order scheduling a hearing shall be entered by the Judge requiring the judgment debtor to appear.

Judgment Lien Information

Effective October 1, 2001, the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations will maintain a database of judgment lien records, their phone number is 850-245-6039.

Writ of Execution

Ten days after the judgment has been entered, the Clerk can issue a Writ of Execution. If you are aware of any personal property that the defendant owns (i.e., car, television) the Sheriff can levy and sell the personal property. A deposit will be required in order for the Sheriff to levy and sell the property. You must contact the Sheriff's office for this information. A Writ of Execution form can be obtained from the Clerk's office.

Satisfaction of Judgment

If at any time the defendant pays you in full, obtain a Satisfaction of Judgment form from the Clerk of the County Court, and have it recorded. A copy of the recorded Satisfaction must be provided to the defendant. If a Writ of Execution is docketed with the Sheriff, notify them of payment received.