Outstanding Check Registers & Unclaimed Monies

Outstanding Check Registers

The outstanding check register is a comprehensive list of issued checks that have not yet been cashed by the recipient. If your name appears on either of the outstanding check registers below, please email WebFinance@citrusclerk.org or contact Financial Services at (352) 341-6424, option 2. Please reference the check date, vendor number, and amount when emailing or calling.

Unclaimed Monies

The Comptroller is required by Florida Statute to report any unclaimed monies on a yearly basis to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Unclaimed Property.  Each year, thousands of dollars in unclaimed property with the Citrus County Clerk of Courts and Comptroller’s office sits waiting to be claimed.  After attempts to return the money to the rightful owners have been exhausted, the money is considered unclaimed property.  Clerk Angela Vick encourages Citrus County residents and businesses to regularly check the State of Florida unclaimed property website at www.fltreasurehunt.gov for any money due to them.

The Florida Statutes govern how the Clerk’s office handles this process. Florida Statute 116.21 directs that any unclaimed court-related funds held by the Clerk must be deposited into the Fine and Forfeiture fund established under Florida Statute 142.01. 

Every July, we publish a list of people and businesses that have unclaimed money in the Citrus County Chronicle Public Notices.  Any person having, or claiming, an interest in such funds is required to file an Unclaimed Money Collection Affidavit with our office by September 1st.  The link to the form and the listing of unclaimed money can be found under the Financial Services tab on our website at www.citrusclerk.org, or contact us at 352-341-6424, option 2 for more information.

Citrus County Chronicle publication can be found here.  

To claim your funds, please print out and complete this Unclaimed Funds Affidavit. Return the completed Unclaimed Funds Affidavit to our office.  

The following Florida Statutes govern the Comptroller’s role for unclaimed money.