Amendment 4


Background: On November 6, 2018, Florida voters approved Amendment 4 to the State Constitution. Amendment 4 was designed to automatically restore the right to vote for people with prior felony convictions upon completion of their sentences, parole, and probation; except those convicted of murder or felony sexual offense.

Article VI, Section 4. Disqualifications

a.    No person convicted of a felony, or adjudicated in this or any other state to be mentally incompetent, shall be qualified to vote or hold office until restoration of civil rights or removal of disability. Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, any disqualification from voting arising from a felony conviction shall terminate and voting rights shall be restored upon completion of all terms of sentence including parole or probation.

b.    No person convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense shall be qualified to vote until restoration of civil rights.

Court Information

Although our office does not determine voter eligibility, we can provide citizens with court records and information, including the status of payment for fines, fees, court costs and restitution fees imposed as part of a sentence. The Citrus County Clerk of Court and Comptroller maintains court records and information for Citrus County cases only.   A list for court records or information from cases in other counties, can be found at

Criminal case information and documents are available to view and print for free through Secured Courts Online Record Search System (SCORSS).

Some documents may contain sensitive information and may be made viewable upon request through our SCORSS system, which is typically a 72 hour turn around; however, this may take longer for larger documents, or documents containing higher amounts of confidential data.  For documents not yet imaged, simply request through SCORSS and the document(s) will be redacted and imaged per Florida Statute. Certified copies are available for purchase in the Clerk's office located at the courthouse in Inverness at 110 N. Apopka Avenue, Inverness Florida, or by contacting our office via email at, or by phone at 352-341-6424.

Please note, a case status of "closed" is not an indication that all terms of a sentence have been completed.


Criminal judgments issued between 1980 through the current date resulting in an adjudication of guilt can be found by searching the Official Records.

Please note, the Clerk cannot provide legal advice or tell you if you are eligible for restoration of your voting rights. As more information becomes available, we will update our website.