Request Exemptions

The Clerk and Comptroller takes privacy issues very seriously. Please review the information below about protecting your privacy in public records. You can also visit our Identity Theft Resources page for useful information about preventing identity theft and what you should do if you're a victim.


 Any person has a right to request that a county recorder remove, from a publicly available Internet website, information made exempt from inspection or copying under s.119.071 or an image or copy of a public record, including an official record, if that image or copy is of a military discharge; death certificate, or a court file, record or paper relating to matters or cases governed by the Florida Rules of Family Law, the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure, or the Florida Probate Rules. However, grantor, grantee or party names may not be removed from the Official Records index. Requests must be notarized, state the statutory basis for removal, and confirm the individual’s eligibility for the exemption. To make a request contact the clerk’s office by mail or in person at (street address) or by email at (email address).


 Any affected person has a right to request that a county recorder or clerk of the court add information to a publicly available Internet website if that information involves the identity of a respondent against whom a final judgment for an injunction for the protection of a minor under s. 741.30, s. 68 784.046, or s. 784.0485 is entered, unless the respondent is a minor. The request must be in writing and contain the case number. To make a request contact the clerk’s office by mail or in person at (street address) or by email at (email address).

Notice Of Confidential Information Within Court Filing

Any court filings made in a Florida court that contain confidential information such as Social Security or bank account numbers, adoption records, HIV test results or information identifying victims of sexual offenses, must be accompanied by a Notice of Confidential Information (PDF).

Public Records Request for Exemption Form for Official Records Documents

In accordance with Florida Statute 119.07, the inspection, examination, and duplication of certain Official Records is exempt from public record classification when one or more of the following criteria on the form is met. If you meet one or more of these requirements, we strongly encourage you to complete a Public Records Exemption Form (PDF) and submit it to our office for redaction.

Public Records Request for Release of Exempt Official Record Information

Warning: As of July 1, 2019, the definition of home address has been expanded to include the parcel identification number and legal description. Removing this information from the public records may result in unintended consequences, such as the inability to prove ownership of your property. While you are entitled to this exemption, know that you are effectively removing the information from the Official Records.

To allow release of information for the purposes of a title search, please complete the Release of Exempt Information to conduct title search (PDF) form and submit to our office.

To allow release of information pertaining to a home address, please complete the Request to Release the exempt status of home address on recorded documents (PDF)

Social Security, Bank Account, Credit, Debit & Charge Card Numbers

Any person preparing or filing a court or official records document should not include a social security number or a complete bank account, debit, charge, or credit card number in such document, unless required by law or court rule, or necessary to the adjudication of the case. Any person has a right to request that the Clerk and Comptroller remove such items from an image or copy of a court or official records document.

Internet Document Restrictions

Effective June 5, 2002, some Official Records documents may not be placed on a publicly available Internet website. These documents are: Military Discharges, Death Certificates, Court Files, Records, or Papers related to matters or cases governed by the Florida Rules of Family Law, The Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure, or The Florida Rules of Probate.

Confidentiality For Protected Groups

Chapter 119.071 F.S. states that individuals in certain professions, as well as their spouses and/or children may request the Clerk/County Recorder to remove personal information such as a home address and telephone number from documents in the Official Record. Such information is not available in the Official Record Index, but may be included on documents such as mortgages and deeds.

Confidentiality For Victims Of Violent Crime

Florida Statute 119.071 (2)(j)1 states that victims of violent crime may ask the Clerk and Comptroller to remove their personal information from documents in the Official Record.

Request For Permanent Removal Of Military Separation Document

As provided by f.s. 295.186, you may appear in person, with valid government issued picture ID to request the removal of a previously recorded Military Separation Document (DD-214; DD-215; WD AGO 53; WD AGO 53-55; NAVMC 78-PD and NAVPERS 553).


Please be advised that once your request for removal is implemented, there will no longer be any record of the removed document in the Official Records and such a process will be permanent and irreversible. Please obtain as many certified copies of your separation document as you might need in the future before the removal is made.

Military Discharge Document

If you do not wish to have your military discharge document permanently removed from the Official Records, but rather, removed only from the publicly available Internet website, you may complete and submit a Request for Internet Document Removal from under 119.071.