eNotify Information for Criminal Hearings

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eNotify was developed through a collaborative effort between the Florida State Courts System, the Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers, the Clerks of Court Operations Corporation, and the Florida Legislature.

This free service provides registered users with text and e-mail reminders about upcoming criminal court events: criminal traffic (CT), misdemeanor (MM) and felony (CF).

The recently launched eNotify program is a service for defendants or interested parties (attorneys, media, etc) to register for and receive a courtesy reminder of an upcoming hearing via text message and/or email. This service does not replace our current practice of mailing out Notice of Hearings to the defendant and their attorney, if applicable. eNotify (currently only available for criminal hearings) is optional, and serves only as an additional layer of notification. Citizens also have the ability to view upcoming court hearings on our Secured Courts Online Record Search System (www.scorss .citrusclerk.org) which is an additional free service provided by the Clerk.

Registration is simple. After registering for an account, simply search by case number or party details to subscribe to receive notifications.

For more information, please refer to our press release or watch the video below.

Click here to sign up for E-Notify today