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What is Clerk E-Certify? - Clerk E-Certify is a software used by the Clerk of Courts to generate tamper-proof and self-validating certified copies of Court Records and Official Records. You can watch this YouTube video on the verification works for additional information.

Effective September 1st, the Citrus County Clerk’s Office will begin offering electronic certified copies of Official Records online through a program called “E-Certify”. A task that once required a trip to the Clerk’s office, will be a few clicks away on a computer or smart phone. 

We are also excited to announce that we are working on the implementation of the electronic court documents access as well. Non-certified copies of court documents and official records are available online for free, but customers often need certified copies of documents, such as a deed, divorce decree, marriage license or satisfaction of mortgage to prove authenticity. To view our fee schedule for certified documents, please visit the fee schedule on our website for more information.

With Clerk E-Certify, users can order and immediately receive certified copies of final judgments, land records, court records and other public documents through a secure web portal.  These certified documents will remain available in your eCertify portal for the next time you need to access them. 

With Clerk E-Certify, recipients at government agencies, public institutions, banks and other entities can easily authenticate the electronic certificates and confirm that the documents were not altered.

With Clerk E-Certify, local governments take steps to serve an increasingly digital society and tackle document fraud while dramatically increasing efficiency at the Clerk's offices.

NOTE: The Social Security office, will not accept electronic certified documents. Any certified copy needed for a name change or benefits with the Social Security office will need to be obtained from the Clerk’s Official Records department at the Clerk Annex in Inverness or the Customer Service Counter at the West Citrus Government Center. 

 NOTE: Court record case types include lawsuits, evictions, criminal cases, divorce, traffic, foreclosures, etc. Official record types include documents, such as marriage certificates, property deeds, plats, notices of commencement, etc.