Marchman Act

Per Chapter 397 of the Florida Statutes, the Marchman Act provides for a process to obtain an ex-parte order for the involuntary assessment and stabilization of a person abusing or addicted to drugs or alcohol when the respondent has refused to voluntarily receive care.

If the respondent (the person needing the care) is an adult, a petition for involuntary services may be filed by the respondent's spouse or legal guardian, any relative, a licensed service provider, or an adult who has direct personal knowledge of the substance abuse impairment and his or her prior course of assessment and treatment (This person is referred to as the petitioner). 

Note: Ex-parte proceedings are not appropriate when the person is already in the custody of law enforcement and can be evaluated by trained personnel.


There is no filing fee.

Marchman Act Injunction Packets are available in the Injunction Office of the Citrus County Courthouse

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