Domesticating/Registering a Foreign Judgment

Domesticating/Registering a Foreign Judgment 

To record your foreign money judgment, in person

Clerk’s Annex                                

120 Montgomery Ave                  

Inverness, FL 34450


OR by mail 

Citrus County Courthouse

110 N Apopka Ave

Inverness FL 34450

The creditor will submit the following:

  1. Certified Copy of Foreign Judgment
  2. Affidavit provided by the Judgment holder containing the last known address of judgment debtor(s), judgment creditor(s), and creditor(s) attorney, if any.  The Clerk’s office does not have this document.
  3. Notice to Judgment Debtor(s). If not provided at time of recording, the Clerk’s office will prepare for $7.00 per Notice
  4. Applicable fees <add hyperlink to the fees page>
  5. Self-addressed stamped envelope for return of recorded judgment, if documents are mailed


After the documents and fees are submitted, the Clerk’s office will:

  1. Prepare the Notice to Debtor if not provided by the creditor
  2. Record the judgment and affidavit
  3. Mail the Notice to the Debtor(s) by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested
  4. Return the original documents to the creditor in person or the self-addressed stamped envelope if documents were mailed