Community Outreach

The Clerk's Communications and Community Outreach Department develops internal and external communications and assists managing citizen participation initiatives. This Department oversees media relations, the Clerk’s website, social media, newsletters, video content and other programming for the Clerk's office. 

Connected to our residents

Stay updated and engaged with us @CitrusFLClerk.  The Citrus County Clerk's office has engages with citizens across multiple social media accounts to further connect with the community. Looking for a way to stay informed in your news feed? Give us a follow! Have a question? Send us a direct message! Our goal is to promote effective communication through respectful dialogue in the social sphere.  Our social media channels aim to promote community discussion and engagement. 

Like/Follow/Subscribe to one of our channels.  We are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, YouTube, LinkedIN, Indeed, Nextdoor and Google Business.  

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Speaking Engagements

396727552_749679900533164_354100246134648461_nThe Clerk's team is available to speak to your organization on a variety of topics. Whether you are a club, HOA, non profit organization, school or other government entity, we're here to help your event be successful.

To request a speaker, please send us an email or call 352-341-6414.


Topics currently available:

  • About the Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller's Office: Learn more about the services we provide Citrus County 
  • Access to Your Public Records: Learn how to submit a public records request, search official records and other records maintained by the Clerk’s office
  • Emergency Management: Discover Clerk functions during an emergency and how we can help you prepare and protect your records.
  • Recording Activity Notification: Learn about our free Property Fraud Alert program, how to register and what to do if something is fraudulently recorded in your name. 
  • School-age Educational Series: Students will learn about the duties of the Clerk's office and have an opportunity to engage in a mock-trial or another activity if time permits.

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