What happens after an arrest on a felony offense?

An arrest on a felony offense means that the defendant is usually booked into the county detention facility. Most felony offenses are bondable according to the approved bail schedule. Except when previously released in a lawful manner, every arrested person is taken before a judge, by electronic audiovisual device within 24 hours of arrest, for first appearance. In the case of a child in the custody of juvenile authorities, against whom an information or indictment has been filed, the child is taken for a first appearance hearing within 24 hours of the filing of the information or indictment. At your first appearance before a judge, if you have not completed a financial affidavit, you will be asked if you can afford the services of an attorney. If you cannot, the judge will question you orally regarding your financial situation, then decide whether to appoint a public defender as your attorney, provisional upon a determination of indigence by the clerk, or instruct you to seek private counsel. If you have completed a financial affidavit, and the clerk has made a determination of indigence, the public defender will be appointed, and this information will be provided to the first appearance judge. A $50 application fee will be assessed to your case whether a public defender is appointed or not. The Clerk's office receives the initial paperwork from the Citrus County Sheriff's Department after a felony arrest. The Felony Division prepares the official court file, including arrest documents as well as any release form. Copies of this information are forwarded to the State Attorney's Office. The State Attorney then reviews the case to decide whether to file formal charges. If a public defender is appointed, copies of the paperwork are also forwarded to the Public Defender's Office.

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