Can I file a disposition of Personal Property without administration?

Please refer to Florida Statute 735.301 to determine if you are eligible for this type of process. This form may not be used when real property is involved. If you are unsure as to whether this process applies to your situation, you may wish to contact an attorney. The required forms and documentation for a Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration are as follows:

  • Original Last Will and Testament of the decedent, if one exists
  • If the decedent does not have a will (intestate) an Affidavit of Heirs must be completed and filed.
  • Death Certificate
  • Copy of the statement from funeral home showing by whom the bill was paid
  • Paid receipts for any medical expenses incurred sixty days prior to death, if the petitioner is the one who paid
  • Specific information regarding the type of asset to be released and include documentation
  • Identification of the person filing
  • Filing fee as set by Florida Statute

The filing fee is due at the time the Petition is filed. There is also a charge for one certified copy of the Order of Disposition of Personal Property without Administration which is generally required by the institution holding the assets.

For more information view the Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration (PDF).

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