Will there be a charge to use the ePortal?
Registered filers may access the ePortal and file documents at no charge above the statutory filing fee. If a filer chooses to pay statutory fees using a credit card, they will be charged an additional credit card transaction fee, which will be used to cover the associated banking, and merchant fees as allowed by Florida Statutes.

The regular filings established by Florida law are required to be paid to file cases with Florida's courts. In addition to the filing fees, if you pay using a credit, charge or debit card, or and ACH transaction, there are also convenience fees established to offset the use of electronic funds transfer. The portal accepts Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards at a rate of 3%. The fee for an ACH transaction is a $3 flat fee.

You may elect to have the fees deducted from an established escrow account with the Citrus County Clerk's office. On the payment tab, you will elect to request a fee waiver and submit a document which directs the clerk to deduct from your escrow account.

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